Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Days Before My 25th

As always, I'll be like a kid whenever my birthday comes near. But sadly this year I don't see it coming nor feeling it.

At least it happened before the actual day.

It was indeed a great experience for me these past few days. I won't be sorrow, instead I'm glad. I'm glad that I've seen the true colors and the level of my existence in you.


Friday, December 28, 2012


Just need a place to


Sunday, July 24, 2011

Fuck My Life!

WARNING: This post contains multiple languages of words that you might not heard before or even seen it in any dictionary exist in the world!

Life SUCKS 2.0!!! After my worst accident (so far), life seems got from worse to WORST! I remember I was once known to be a family man to all my friends. Personally I'm a strong believer in Family Comes First term. I always say this, "You touch my familia, I hunt you down". But guess what, harapkan pagar, pagar makan padi! Fucktards in my family have just gone from retard to fucktard! Cut short the family feud story, I'm concluding this by saying I'm outta this house and don't fuck with me no more! Well, I will definitely go back for my younger siblings one day before they got mind fucked by all the fucktards at home! Naff said, fuck you all.

Working life has been great (Thank God). This is the only thing going smoothly at the moment. Darynne left us. We would certainly miss her sohainess and krazeeness but we do wish her ALL THE BEST in her new agency. Melissa, Godfey and I teamed up to good teamwork. Still it could be better if Darynne is part of the team as well. Bossman no longer that stress as business starts flowing in. InsyaAllah we gonna drive PEX to the next level.

Generally, life could be better in many other ways, but still it's at the suckiest level that I've ever experienced! It's seriously as fucked up as sudah jatuh ditimpa tangga lagi. It's like Tsunami comes together with Hurricane at the same time. To all haters out there, you know who you are. Stop pissing there you shit head fuck ass bitches, you want a piece of me? Come get some. If I ever get to know you bitch behind my back again, I'll personally make sure even your mom regret giving birth to a slut like you!

My recovery are all good at the moment. All wound are healing well and scars are turning up for more collection on my body. Kinda miss the moment where I can get free flow of Pattadine. XD

Love life? Could have been better I guess. Regret? No comment! All I can say is...... FML!

Cheerios mother fuckers! FML,FYL!

*Apology for all the vulgar words, it's my blog, so do I look like I give a fuck?

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Another side of the Wall

Its been a while since I penned something here, it's me, I'm back. Nothing much, same old me, with the same arrogant face and attitude. Sadly to say it would be another emo post of mine. Life has been so fucked up recently (apology for my rough language). Life, family, career, friendship, relationship???

Things has been going on like a roller coaster for me, went up so high that I've forgotten myself, lost control and ended falling deep under. Stupid, silly, useless... I've brand myself with all these words day after day. Doesn't seems to help either.

As what I've always said, nobody knows what it's like to be Wallace Yeoh. As the title of this post, you may see me smiling and LMAO but do you really know what's behind me?

Filled with pain, backstabbing, sabotage, harsh words, lies, younameIgotit!

Glad enough to have few friends who are supportive enough at this moment that would still never gave up on me, trust me, I almost gave up on myself and it was you guys that really makes me to hang on. Thank you. Love you guys.

One thing I'm really glad at the moment would be the long lastingness of my smilling mask, really wondered how long could that really last. With all these shits and mind fucking shits going on, seriously I'm at the edge of everything already. Neaver thought I would post this up publicly, but I only can thought of my blog, somewhere I could release all out, somewhere people who really cares about me would understand me more, somewhere I can speakout without someone talking back. Yea, I'm in emo mode, in fact, I've been in this mode for quite some while.

FML? I really wish I could fucked it once and for all and I could live in peace after that.

Enough of mind fucking, soul weaking, body torturing moments for me. Dear Lord, though I don't have any religion, if you're listening. I'm begging you to FML once and for all. Thanks dawg!


Thursday, November 11, 2010


Monday, July 19, 2010

Another surgery

Monday, June 21, 2010

Wallace up to date (21st June 2010)

Oh well, it's been a while since I last posted something here. Since I got another 2 hours to spare before going to venue for set up.

Life has been full of ups and downs recently. Many new experiences and still haunted by past memories. Let's start one at a time:

I love my job, something I would love to learn more and something that I enjoy doing yet I still can make some money from it. Like what I always tell myself and all my friends, it's not about the salary or benefits to be the decision of accepting a job, it's about how much you enjoy your job. Imagine if you're doing something you like everyday and yet you're making some money from it.

I joint an events company called People Experience, with the maestro behind it, Mr Jess Ross. A nice guy to work for and a lot to learn from him. Great experiences I managed to learn from him so far, I'll keep good experiences to improve myself and bad ones to remind myself for not repeating it again. I'm also blessed with colleagues that I love to work with. Darynne, Joe, Kent, Nallan and Adrian. It's been fantastic experience working with all these beautiful people.

I was given the opportunity to handle a big client's project, it was kind of scary at the beginning but yet again it was a good experience for me to learn and good for my portfolio for the future too.

You guys may see it like I have a wonderful working life, NAH!!! It was actually very superbly tiring and pressure from every directions. Met a lot of monkeys and get to see many sides of people and how people would just turn to you give a slap on your face. Yeah, it is that fucked up, but I never let pressure and negative elements pull me down. The more negative things come to me, the stronger I shall be to be a better man. Bring it on Mutha Fuckas. You give me shit, I'll make sure it would be on your face someday.

I quit college for the sake of to make sure I don't get too pissed off and burn down the whole college (chill chill, if any fire catches on TARC, NOT ME!!!). It was a shocking decision which I hurt a lot of people that I love. My family, and all my buddies. Seriously, I thank you guys for all your concern and non stop trying to stop me from quitting, but to be honest, I seriously had enough of all college dramas. Lecture halls, classes, lecturers, college mates and (sorry to say this) fucked up management. Of course I don't meant everyone, but as above mentioned, if you think you are one of them, OH HELL YEAH YOU ARE ONE OF THEM!

Many asked about my love life, I'm single now, but not ready for any relationship yet. So, stop asking me to go out with your this this that that girl friend that just broke up or desperate for someone or any sort of funny cases. I would really love to enjoy my current life. So thanks but no thanks.

Things were not looking good at home, this this that that happened, happening and I'm expecting it would happen again. Oh well, no matter what I still love my family as much as I always do. No matter how fucked up it is, I believe I could make some difference for everyone. Tears non-stop falling every time this topic pop-up in my mind, this would be the first time I says something about my family publicly. If you want to know more, well the answer is NO MORE. I can handle it and I won't be crying in front of you guys.

Friends, made new friends mainly from work. Too many to list out all of them, but thank God, all of them are good and treat me well. Love you guys.

Football - My right knee is recovering well after the surgery, though I still experience stiffness time by time, but it's getting better day by day. Performance wise, am getting better too. Gained quite a lot of weight after surgery, but I'm working on it now. Hopefully the money I'm paying Celebrity Fitness would turn me to celebrity like Brad Pitt and not FatMan Scoop.

Guess that's all for now, have no more ideas what else to crap, feel free to leave a comment. Oh ya, my phone got snatched 2 months back, therefore I would really love to have back all my contacts, in case if any of you guys read this post, please drop me a message at:

016 - 246 6625
012 - 528 6625

or BBM me:

Cheers all and don't worry. After so many dramas recently, I'm still Wallace Yeoh and vow to come back better and greater. Just wait, and only time will give you the answer.

*Another hour to venue, Work Work Work again!